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Industry Ideas and Tips
Cutting Stair Stringers
Mon Dec 07 1998

Bullet Stair Stringers

1. Measure from Finished floor to finished floor. (height)
Riser Height should measure between 7 & 8 inches.
Riser Height + Tread Cut should measure between 17-1/4 to 18-1/4 inches. (Minimum to maximum)
Note: You always have 1 more riser than tread because you’re top step is a finished floor or deck.
Note: Always allow 1-1/4” overhang on steps.

Example: Floor to floor height of 47-1/4”
47-1/4” divided by 8 inch (maximum riser height) = approximately 6 treads.
Use of 11-1/4” treads – 1-1/4” over hang = 10” tread cut on your riser.
47-1/4” divided by 6 = 7-7/8” riser cut.
Check: 10” tread cut + 7-7/8” riser cut = 17-7/8” (which falls within the range of 17-1/4 minimum to 18-1/4” maximum.

2.Cut, assemble and install stair stringers and treads as needed. Lumber, tools and videotape instructions are available for purchase and viewing at our store.
Tools Needed:
1. Tape measure or wood rule.
2. Square with adjustable gages.
3. Hand saw and/or power saw.
4. Hammer, nails and pencil.
5. Plumb bob and string
6. Level and Apron

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