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Deck Cleaning
Mon Aug 17 1998

Bullet When cleaning any exterior surface make sure you thoroughly water all surrounding plants. This will keep your plants from absorbing large amounts of the caustic cleaning products. Cover or shade your plants from direct spray. Most mildew problems can be eliminated by using a one part bleach(household) to two parts water. The addition of Jomax can help with the actual cleaning process. Overuse of bleach can harm your decking material and is not advised. Allow this solution to remain liquid for about 15 minutes before you start to scrub your deck. This will save you alot of elbow grease. Two or more applications may be necessary to complete the job. If the mildew is severe you may want to apply one final coat and let it dry one week or more. Be sure to rinse the deck completely before applying a quality stain. You will be delighted with the finish product.

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